Solids Modeling

  • Our Solids Modeling module lets your apply advanced international triangulation network modeling techniques, using a variety of algorithms and operations to allow the creation of complex models.
  • This software will give you the ability to design and create 3D graphics representing isoanomalic contour lines, contour lines, digital terrain model (DTM) surfaces, and fault lines to provide optimized solids model verification and visualization.
  • The 3DMine software system is stable and reliable in Boolean operations. The Boolean method of function is characterized by the intersection, union and difference calculation on simpler models to create a desired shape and format.
  • This software has a unique multiple seam modeling technique, allowing for the rapid cutting through of surfaces and sections from any direction (polyline). It also allows you to adopt the convex hull technique, and form ore body models automatically. This will enable you to quickly generate reports on project solid body calculated volume and grid volume.